This page is the demo for an article on how to create a disclosure component in react.

No animation

boring... :) but works — this is the base component that will be used on the rest of the animations

Animation with text being cut off

Framer Motion allows you to animate props from 0 to auto. This is pretty dope and the simplest way of animating. Unfortunately this actually animating height in css so watch the perf on this.

(If you want a transform based option scroll down to the layout options)

<AnimatePresence mode="wait">
  {isOpen && (
        height: 0,
        opacity: 0,
        height: "auto",
        opacity: 1,
        height: 0,
        opacity: 0,
      className="text-lg font-light"

Animation with good transitions

My only gripe the above animation is that the text is cut off by the changing height. This is because text size doesn't shrink based on the height of the element changing. It's size is determined by the font-size prop, so it just overflows. In our case, this looks bad. I originally solved this with a bunch of big brain ways, but I recently found that Sam Selikoff had a solution that was really simple.source

  height: {
    duration: 0.4,
  opacity: {
    duration: 0.3,

Just animate the properties so that the opacity changes sooner than the height. Brilliant!

Animation w/ good transitions and the disclosure pattern
(Best Current Solution)

I got some more feedback and update the article to reflect the accessibility upgrade

Layout API

For this specific component a layout animation isn't optimal because it is generally used in a marketing page with content following it. Unless you make your entire page motion elements with the `layout` prop then your following content will jump around. But it is cool to see the simplicity of this approach so that is why I am including it here at the end.

Using Layout

Using Layout (Without border radius glitch)

You might notice in the last example the corners kinda _twitch_ on animation. Framer Motion can fix this if we set the `borderRadius` as a motion value.

More info here!

Other stuff I have tried 💀

From here on you are entering the graveyard of what I have tried. Proceed if you must.

Animation by staggering variants

ok, just sucks that there is a _delay_ on the exit

Animation by staggering variants

me trying to animate height from 0 to auto with keyframes (this throws)